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EXV28 Laser Toner Cartridge for Canon Color MFP IR-AC5045i/5051/5250/5255

Short Description:

High quality Canon EXV28 Compatible Toner Cartridge

Fill with high-quality toner powder

100% machine testing before shippment

Customization Support

The new packing box of the EXV28 has been released.

After the verification and testing, this EXV28 compatible toner work like the OEM cartridge. Our toner cartridge is professional and design to ensure that you can get the same print quality and performance at a lower price which getting the most of your money!

EXV28 Black Toner (30,000 page yield)

EXV28 Cyan Toner (26,000 page yield)

EXV28 Magenta Toner (26,000 page yield)

EXV28 Yellow Toner (26,000 page yield)

Product Detail

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Quick Details

Type  Compatible Toner Cartridge
Compatible Model  Canon
Brand Name  Custom / Neutral
Model Number  EXV28
Color  BK C M Y
CHIP  EXV28 has not inserted the chip
For use in  Canon Color MFP IR-AC5045i/5051/5250/5255 
Page Yield  Bk: 30,000(A4, 5%) , Color: 26,000(A4, 5%)
Packaging  Neutral Packing Box (Customization Support) 
Payment method  T/T bank transfer, Western Union

Compatible Printers

For Canon Color MFP IR-AC5045i

For Canon Color MFP IR-AC5051

For Canon Color MFP IR-AC5250

For Canon Color MFP IR-AC5255

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

● Compatible products are produce with quality New & Recycled components in ISO9001/14001 certified factories

● Compatible products have a 12 months performance guarantee

● Genuine/OEM Products have a one year manufacturer warranty

Introduction to consumables of laser printer

The consumables of laser printer are mainly composed of toner, photosensitive drum (also known as selenium drum) and printing paper. Some models of laser printers have an integrated structure of toner and photosensitive drum, while some models have separate photosensitive drum and toner, which are all installed in the toner cartridge. When the toner in the cartridge is used up, the entire toner cartridge can be removed and replaced.

Toner is the main consumable of laser printer, and its quality will directly affect the final quality of printing. Therefore, users must choose high-quality toner when replacing toner.

The photosensitive drum is the core of the whole image generation system, and also the core component of the laser printer. The base of the photosensitive drum is aluminum alloy. It is an aluminum alloy cylinder, and the surface is covered with a layer of organic compound - photosensitive material. The surface of the photosensitive drum is very smooth, and the geometric accuracy is very high. Since selenium tellurium alloy is mostly used on the surface of the photosensitive drum, it is also known as the selenium drum. The rated life of the photosensitive drum is generally about 6000-10000 prints. When the print quality is uneven, if it is not the toner, it is necessary to consider replacing the drum. However, the drum replacement must have professional knowledge and cannot be operated casually.

The printing paper of the laser printer is generally electrostatic copy paper, which is made of chemical wood pulp. It has extremely fine surface roughness, smoothness, controllable electrical properties and thermal stability, which can ensure that the laser printer can obtain good printing results If the paper used by the user is color paper, it must be of the same quality as the white copy paper, and the pigment of the color paper must be able to withstand the high temperature of 200 ℃ printing operation for 0.1 seconds without fading. The forms printed in advance by users must be printed with flame-retardant and heat-resistant ink, which must also be able to withstand the high fusion temperature of 200 ℃ printing operation for 0.1 seconds, and not melt, volatilize or emit harmful gases.


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