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TN711 Color Toner Cartridge Compatible for Konica Minolta Bizhub C654 C654e C754 C754e

Short Description:

Genuine TN711 Color Compatible Toner Cartridge Set

Fill with Japan high-quality toner powder

Smart chip, which can automatically identify printers, high compatibility

100% machine testing before shippment

Customization Support

After the verification and testing, this TN711 compatible toner work like the OEM cartridge. Our toner cartridge is professional and design to ensure that you can get the same print quality and performance at a lower price which getting the most of your money!

TN711 Black Toner (40,000 page yield)

TN711 Cyan Toner (26,000 page yield)

TN711 Magenta Toner (26,000 page yield)

TN711 Yellow Toner (26,000 page yield)

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Quick Details

Type  Compatible Toner Cartridge
Compatible Model  Konica Minolta
Brand Name  Custom / Neutral
Model Number  TN711
Color  BK C M Y
CHIP  TN-711 has inserted a chip
For use in  Konica Minolta Bizhub C654 C654e C754 C754e
Page Yield  Bk:40,000(A4, 5%) , Color:26,000(A4, 5%)
Packaging  Neutral Packing Box (Customization Support) 
Payment method  T/T bank transfer, Western Union

Compatible Printers

For Konica Minolta Bizhub C654/ C654e

For Konica Minolta Bizhub C754/ C754e


In order to ensure the printing quality of the product, we use Japanese toner to fill this product. The printing quality has been greatly improved.

On the basis of the first generation bottle and the first generation toner, we have made further improvements to the product. The improved compatible product greatly reduces the toner run out rate. When you use this product, it is not easy to stain your machine.

JCT has always been committed to solving printing problems for customers, providing customers with high-quality and reasonably priced compatible toner cartridge, greatly reducing the printing costs of our customers.

The original ink cartridge used a multi-color integrated design, that is, multiple colors were integrated into one ink cartridge. The biggest disadvantage of this ink cartridge is that it does not use ink efficiently. Because multiple colors exist in one ink cartridge, the ink cartridge must be scrapped as long as one color of ink is used up because of different color consumption, even if other colors in the ink cartridge are not used up.

Just because one color is used up, the entire ink cartridge needs to be scrapped, which not only brings more unnecessary investment to users, but also causes serious ink pollution. Because discarded ink cartridges often contain unused ink of other colors, and a drop of ink can pollute tens of cubic meters of water. In order to improve the utilization rate of the ink cartridge and reduce pollution as much as possible, the ink cartridge has gradually transited from the initial multi-color integration to a separate structure of black ink and color ink.

The reason for adopting this ink cartridge combination mode is that printing black and white documents requires a large amount of black ink, which leads to the rapid consumption of black ink. Once the black ink is used up, the entire ink cartridge will be scrapped. Therefore, it is inevitable to separate the black ink from the ink cartridge.

At this stage of the development of ink cartridges, it should be said that there has been a very positive development in terms of utilization rate and environmental protection. However, since color ink cartridges are still composed of multiple colors, the rapid consumption of one color will still lead to the scrapping of the overall color ink cartridges. Therefore, it seems to be an inevitable trend to further subdivide color ink cartridges into multiple single ink cartridges.

In fact, this conjecture was finally proved to be correct. This can be seen from the new products of the two inkjet printing giants, Epson and HP. Epson abandoned the matching mode of black and color ink cartridges used in the past in his new ME series products, and replaced it with the matching mode of multiple monochrome ink cartridges and ink cartridges for color ink cartridges. For example, the whole set of ink cartridges used by Epson ME200 is composed of four ink cartridges: T0761 (black)/T0762 (cyan)/T0763 (magenta)/T0764 (yellow).

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